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Art Quote:

 "It's been said a picture paints a thousand words. Therefore choose your words carefully and thoughtfully.
William Hagerman

Autumn texas hill country stream water reflections oil painting William Hagerman Delightful Reflections
27x21 commissioned oil painting

Inspiration for this painting was provided by a longtime client from a photo of a spot on their ranch in the Texas Hill Country.

The still reflections were a must along with the tree silhouette against the sky.

If you've ever wondered how a painting like this develops, I invite you to review the following blog post and see how this painting progressed from an initial idea sketch to a completed painting.

Click here to read.

Just Off the Easel

Cactus and Bluebonnets! A perfect combination highlighting a mood of rugged beauty all in the space of 6x8 inches! This is just one of two recent paintings sent off to Sherwoods Gallery in Houston, TX.

realistic landscape bluebonnet oil painting by William Hagerman

To give more room for the image I used a monogram of my initials for the signature.

One of the disadvantages of having a long name! However, the back of the painting is fully signed.

More info about this and the other small 6x8 mini painting are on my blog located at the bottom of the article on  "What is Art?"


Recent News

I'm happy to report a recent contract signing with Somerset House Publishing to reproduce some of my finest Texas images in open edition giclee prints.

William Hagerman artist article in the Odessa American NewspaperI was contacted by the President of the company who said the following: "Your paintings are beautiful and the variety of subject matter and color palette must create a wide range of interest among buyers.
I am seeking your interest in being published by our company. We have been in the print industry for over forty years, and in the past few years we have shifted our distribution to framed and finished wall decor marketing primarily to the design, accessory and furniture industries. We have good Texas distribution and we are putting together a new offering of the best Texas artist."

I guess I fit the bill! Click here to see some of my "best images!"

The Birth of Art Work by Byron

bluebonnet oil painting oil by William Byron HagermanFor a short time I experimented with a hybrid way of painting using acrylic over painted with oils. They were not as detailed as my regular work, but were not fully impressionistic either. They were devised specifically for selling via eBay auctions with bidding starting at a penny. For the short time I did the auctions it went well with all the paintings selling. However, the style that I'm known for which bears my signature of William Hagerman comes with a certain look and standard and I didn't want to confuse my collectors. However, as an artist I enjoy at times getting to experiment plus selling on eBay was fun and brought me into contact with new customers all over the United States. Thus, art work by Byron which is my middle name was born to distinguish it from my realistic art. Simply put, it's two styles, two signatures, one artist!

I always liked my middle name, but the only time it got used was when I was a child and my Mother was trying to get my attention. It was generally something like: "William Byron, you better get inside this house before I count to three. ONE... TWO...."

I'll let you decide if it ever got to THREE. :-)

eBay Art Auctions

As I continue to offer my "Byron" works on eBay, I have had the pleasure of getting to know some of my new buyers that have been added to my Hagerman family of art collectors. One said the following regarding my works: "I know they are not your gallery or studio pieces but they are still creations by the same hand and, that in the end (for me) is what matters..well that and the fact I love them." 

I have been receiving so many compliments and the works have spread out into new regions along with commissions. One bidder and winner being a long time art dealer in Arlington, TX who was not yet familiar with my art work but complimented me in my feedback section as a "Super Texas Artist!!!" How cool is that?

Another was from a lovely lady that fell in love with my work and and said the following: "My regret is that I had not found YOU and your wonderful style and talent sooner. I love, love, love all of your paintings that I have seen. You are blessed. Perhaps, perhaps...if I can gather the coinage necessary...and find a blank spot on a wall...or move some around, perhaps someday I might have a Hagerman also."

Happy to say she did. Plus she shared an interesting story with me. You can read about it on my blog.